Kort om Herbert:
  • Landstræner under Junior EM 2022
  • Ejer og driver Oceanwise som tilbyder privat coaching indenfor surf og skateboard
Mere info:

Herbert has developed a training system that doesn’t only include training on the
waves, but also in flat water, land and in class. His approach integrates all aspects
of a complex sport that includes the element of the unpredictability of water
motions in the ocean, the inability of performing constant movement repetitions
and the dependency of the source of waves. Herbert has curated a methodic
approach, which he uses to guide surf athletes on how to accelerate their
progression line also during flat spells and when they are on their own. His training
focuses on developing a mindset that is capable to quickly find the way to create
flow, stay in it and unlock full athletic potential also during challenging times.
His ocean knowledge training is based on 5 essential elements that teaches
athletes to be experts on how to read the water and the waves, which includes a
complete comprehensive oceanography pensum that educates on ocean motions.
With open water swimming, water polo-like drills and breath holding, he gives
athletes the right tools to stay fit and connected to the water environment.
But developing ocean knowledge and increasing water agility and fitness will only
get us halfway. Once up and standing on the surfboard is a different game. A game
some boys in the 70’s were able to take to the concrete and simulate their moves
on the waves. Herbert uses skateboarding, which allows athletes to practice
repetitively virtually all aspects of surf technique once standing on the wave. He is
an expert on finding the stairway to get good at skateboarding, so athletes can use
this amazing tool with specific drills to accelerate their progression line
During surfing sessions he looks closely to the specific technical aspects of riding
waves. In the time he spends in the water with athletes, there is a videographer in
land filming the action at the same time that Herbert has a careful eye on
technique in the water. Mainly coaching is given through video analysis, but “quick
fixes” are given during the session too, so athletes can also start changing their
game right away. During video analysis he collaborates with athletes to find a
meaningful pathway to follow and together they determine next steps with short,
middle and long term goals that are closely tracked and moved forwards.