Is team racing the future of SUP racing?

Join us in Copenhagen September 3, 2017 and find out!

Red Paddle Dragon SUP Race is all about the team spirit!
Together with four of your mates, family or just a mix of four fun people, you race on a 22ft long SUP board in front of the Opera House.

This is not an elitist competition but a competition for both elite and non-elite. It’s all about having a good time on the water together!  

Kl. 14.00 – 14.15: Briefing in front of the Opera House 

Kl. 14.30 – 17.30: Competition is on!

Kl. 17.30 – 18.00: Closing Ceremony 

*It will be possible to get practice time on the boards Saturday and Sunday. Times will be announced later !