Join our three day SUP coach symposium during EUROSUP 2022 in Hvide Sande, Denmark.

You’ll get inspiration and tools on how to be a great SUP coach who works towards developing world class paddlers. 

We have created a symposium where European SUP coaches can gain knowledge and insights while networking across nations and federations.

All aiming at a high standard of SUP coaching in Europe and pushing the sport forward.


Sign up for all three days by choosing the full package down below, which will give you access to all six topics at a discounted price. 

Get the most out of the symposium and raise your coaching game by participating all three days while networking and getting valuable insights and useful tools taught from experts in their fields.

Just want to join a specific topic? No problemo!

Down below you can sign up to the specific topics


We’re excited to present the amazing lineup of experienced presenters who are all experts in their respective fields. We’ve put them together as we hope to inspire and give you knowledge in areas necessary to excel as an ambitious SUP coach.

Read all about the presenters by clicking on the respective topics down below.


Thurday 1st & Friday 2nd Sept.

The first two days are for SUP coaches who wish to heighten their coaching skills. Athletes are more than welcome, but the symposium has the perspective of the SUP coach.

60 EUROS per topic or 200 EUROS for all four topics.

Saturday 3rd Sept.

The third day takes more of a meta-perspective on the development of the SUP sport as a whole. 

We invite everyone to participate who wants to take part of a discussion on the development of the SUP sport on a European level. Federations, sport organizations, coaches, municipalities, judges, event managers, athletes etc. 

The idea behind the two subjects during Saturday is that we want to discuss and explore both SUP safety and the general development of SUP coaching in Europe.

Topics during Saturday are FREE (but we still need your separate reservation so we know you’re coming)