Create history and join us for the EUROTOUR and Danish SUP Tour 2021

For the first time ever, the Euro Tour will visit Denmark as part of the Eurotour 2021 Grand Slam events!

The event is a joint venture between The Eurotour and the Danish SUP Tour organized by the Danish Surfing & Rafting Federation. Hence you can paddle The Eurotour AND the Danish SUP Tour if you are keen to paddle two races on the same weekend.

The event venue and the water of Ringkøbing Fjord has been used for the past seven years to organize the classic Fjord X-ing race on the Danish SUP Tour. The race course offers supreme downwind conditions where you can experience waves on 3-5 feet depending on the wind conditions. Past winners of the Fjord X-ing race includes six times World Champion, Casper Steinfath, and junior World Champion Christian “Polarbear” Andersen. But the event is not only for pros – it’s a paddle fest for all levels. This Nordic late summer classic is a guaranteed highlight and a good chance for you to connect to your inner viking.

On the outside of the Fjord you have the spectacular and massive North Sea that hits the Danish West Coast and is home to many cold water surfers coming from all parts of Northern Europe.

We’re looking so much forward to welcome you in this cosy and unique site of the Danish West Coast!


To sign up for the event you will be redirected to our eventpartner, Sportstiming, who will handle all eventfees, timing etc.

Please click on the button below ⬇️

Sign up fees:

Eurotour: €70 (525,- DKR)

Danish SUP Tour: €40 (300,- DKR)

Combo ticket (only for Eurotour competitors): 50% on Danish SUP Tour race (€17 / 125,- DKR) (discount ticket will be issued at sign up)

After surf party (Saturday night): €22 (160,- DKR)

Event Information

Below you will find important practical information to you as a competitor. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.


    We have put together an exciting 3-day program with the possibility to paddle twice. Hence, you can paddle the Eurotour on Saturday and the Danish SUP Tour on Sunday. We hope to see you all three days at the event venue. Please download the FULL PROGRAM here.

    Registration opening hours are:

    Friday: 3pm – 8pm (EUROTOUR & Danish SUP Tour)
    Saturday: 8.30am – 10.30am (EUROTOUR & Danish SUP Tour)
    Sunday: 8.30am – 10.30am (Danish SUP Tour)

    INFO: Please note, program is subject to change so remember to keep yourself updated on site at the event venue or through the Facebook event page.


    We recommend you to book an overnight stay from Friday to Sunday. There are several providers of apartmens, holiday houses etc. ranging from 550,- DKR to 1,000 DKR per night.

    We’ve put a list together of relevant providers. Download our accommodation guide here.


    We strongly recommend you to reach Hvide Sande by car. If you go by plain to Billund, Aalborg or Copenhagen Airport there are several opportunities to rent a car. We can’t provide any special deals for board transport. It will be your own responsibility to get your board to the event venue.

    At the event venue we will take care of board transportation to or from the start and finish line.

    Download our short travel guide here.


    You need to register at our race office located at the event venue:

    Westwind Nord
    Gytjevej 15
    6960 Hvide Sande

    Please find registration opening hours in the program, and help us with logistics by signing up as early as possible. Registration is mandatory as you will need your race bib. No registration – no racing.


    We will honor the winners in each category. For the Eurotour race there will be price money, respectively:

    1st: €1,000
    2nd: €600
    3rd: €300
    4th: €200
    5th: €150

    The price ceremony will be at the event base in front of the surf shop at Westwind Nord. For good sportsmanship please attend the price ceremony.


    Inside the registration tent we will offer an area where you can drop off your bag. We though advise you only to bring a small bag to this area as we have limited space.


    All athletes who are signed up for the Eurotour will get a free sandwich and drink after the race on Saturday. All athletes who are signed up for the Danish SUP Tour will get a free sandwich and drink after the race on Sunday. During both days we will also provide various snacks and drinks.

    At Friday night we will do a special Sofa SUP Talk (interviews) and Danish Bingo Night and you can buy drinks and snacks in the bar.

    Saturday night we offer a fun and social after surf party together with all other watersports athletes from Waterz. Remember to buy your ticket for the dinner and party when you sign up for the event.

    All weekend you can buy cold and hot drinks in the café, Westwind Nord, right at the event venue. Enjoy your drinks while you relax with the great view of the Fjord or check out all the cool gear in the Westwind surfshop.


    There will be toilets available at Westwind Nord at the event venue.


    We will setup a lounge close to the Westwind Nord Surf Café for all competitors. The athletes briefing will be at the lounge.

    The starting zone will depend on the wind directions (please read about the race course) which will determine the actual race course. We will do a final call and announce the race course Thursday, September 2, at 8pm to all competitors. We will transport your board to the starting zone.

    When you’re at the starting zone, please help us start the race on time by following the announcers and be ready on the water on time.


    The route across the fjord is highly modifiable ensuring you the best possible downwind conditions. The race distances is varying from 12 km to 15 km.

    If the wind is in the western corner, going from west to east, we will start at West Wind Syd Surfshop located at Årgab and finish in front of the impressive town hall in Ringkøbing. This route has been the most used route and has a total distance of 14 km. Other options are to reverse the route if the wind is in the eastern direction. Please see the race map below for further details and remember to keep yourself updated at the event venue and on our Facebook event page.

    We promise you to work hard on providing you the best possible route and to secure that you as a competitor has the most fun paddling.


    Hard boards and Isups up to 14 feet are accepted. Leash is mandatory and we strongly advise you to bring a PFD as well.

    Depending on the weather conditions we will have several opportunities for the actual race course. No matter where the race starts, we will bring you board to the starting area. We will also drive all athletes (in big busses) to the starting zone or make sure you get back to the event venue if we do not have the finish line at the event venue.

    Please keep yourself updated on scheduled board and athlete transport at the event venue and on the Facebook event page.


    At registration, you will get a race lycra with a number. For Danish SUP Tour competitors you will need to give back the lycra after the race (Eurotour competitors can ha. There will be people at the finish line that you can give your lycra. For Eurotour competitors you can keep the race lycra as your proof of competing in the first Eurotour stop in Denmark 😉

    You have to wear your race lycra during the whole race. If wearing a hydration pack, this must go under the race lycra.


    At registration you will get an official event sticker that you need to put on your board.


    We will do a safety briefing during the athletes meeting and race briefing – please attend this session.

    Leash is mandatory. You will not get permission to start without a leash. PFD (Personal Flotation Device) is optional we though recommend all under 18 to carry a PFD. Remember to dress accordingly to the weather conditions and know your own limitations. Be aware of your fellow paddlers and follow any instructions given from safety guards in the boats.

    During the race, there will be three safety boats and a jetski in the water.  If you get in any trouble they are there to help you so please create any attention towards the safety boats or fellow paddlers by waving your paddle or hands. 

    There will be normal first aid kit at the event venue in case you need any medical care.


    The Danish weather in Septemner can be fickle. Sometimes hot and sometimes cold and especially on the west coast it can change rapidly.

    The average temperatur in September 2020 was 14 celsius (26,3 highest, 0,8 lowest). The average water temperature in September 2019 was 16 celsius (19 highest, 13 lowest).

    So please bring clothing that is suitable to all kind of weather conditions. Typically athletes in September will wear wetsuits.

Race Course

Get a view on the race course and all services; registration, parking, competitors area, food and drink area, toilets etc. You can zoom and click on each element and get more information. The race course can change depending on the weather and wind conditions.