THE COMPETENT COACH - coaching philosophies and types of coaching

17sep08:0012:00THE COMPETENT COACH - coaching philosophies and types of coaching08:00 - 12:00 Auktionsgade 9, 6960 Hvide Sande

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THE COMPETENT COACH – coaching philosophies and types of coaching is part of the SUP Coach symposium.

This topic explores whether your coaching style is aligned with your coaching philosophy and looks at how it affects your coaching environment. Is your approach favoring a healthy environment for the athletes, or is it clashing and creating an unstable training environment for your athletes? Athletes are different. The same are coaches. Because they are different, you can’t mass-produce training. You have to be aware of your own and your athletes’ strengths and weaknesses and how it affects your common goals.


It will be a mix of presentation, workshops and dialogue so you’re expected to participate actively.


4 hours, including breaks




Jesper Carlson is the new sportsmanager in Surf & SUP Denmark. Before this, he succeeded in getting Danish speedskating athletes qualified for the Winter Olympics – twice! And, not least, delivered the best individual Danish Winter Olympics result ever at the Olympics 2018. He has helped to build an elite environment and a talent structure from the ground up, which later triggered a close and long-term collaboration with Team Denmark.

Jesper is himself a former national team athlete and has in-depth knowledge of the development of talent and elite environments in Danish sports through his many years of close collaboration with both Team Denmark, the Danish Sports Confederation and a large number of Danish and foreign experts.

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(Lørdag) 08:00 - 12:00


Captain's Lounge

Auktionsgade 9, 6960 Hvide Sande


Simon Brucz

Simon Brucz is in charge of the SUP coach symposium and is coordinating registrations, payments and all the practical stuff surrounding it.

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