SUP CONDITIONING - how to prevent and deal with most common SUP injuries

17sep13:0017:00SUP CONDITIONING - how to prevent and deal with most common SUP injuries13:00 - 17:00 Auktionsgade 9, 6960 Hvide Sande

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SUP CONDITIONING – how to prevent and deal with most common SUP injuries

Sooner or later most athletes will face the diversity of dealing with injuries. In the sport of SUP, we are experiencing athletes dealing with many of the same type of injuries and often athletes aren’t thinking about injuries before they happen.  Therefore this topic will focus on both the prevention of injuries and rehabilitation post-injury. With this topic  we hope to give SUP coaches a better understanding of the mechanisms that are at play when it comes to both prevention and rehabilitation

Among other subjects, it will touch on:

  • A better understanding of the most common SUP related injuries: how to prevent and deal with them
  • Conditioning to help prevent most common injuries related to SUP
  • How to incorporate injury prevention into athletes training regime
  • How do you best support your athletes through an injury process
  • Helping your athletes structure a proper plan for rehabilitation
  • What mental mechanisms are at play, when athletes go through a rehabilitation process?


It will be a mix of presentation, workshops and dialogue, so you’re expected to participate actively.


4 hours, including breaks




Dorte is a specialist in sports physiotherapy. Through her treatments, she has helped several of the world’s best athletes back to their international elite level.

She has previously been a physiotherapist in Team Denmark where she was a traveling physiotherapist for various athletes to many national and international competitions and training camps. Among other things, she was part of the Danish Olympic delegation in Beijing 2008. She is/has been a physiotherapist for some absolute world class athletes like Casper Steinfath, Caroline Wozniacki (former #1 rank tennis), Jeanette Ottensen (Olympic medalist in swimming), Annie Thorisdottir (World Champion Crossfit), Mark O. Madsen (MMA UFC fighter), Frederik Ægidius (European Team Champion in Crossfit) the national team in Badminton, the national team in table tennis, the national team in archery, ski cross/snowboard cross and has previously been a physiotherapist for FCK pro handball.

With her extensive sports physiotherapeutic, biomechanical and exercise physiology background, she optimizes both treatment and rehabilitation processes and help promote performance.


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(Lørdag) 13:00 - 17:00


Captain's Lounge

Auktionsgade 9, 6960 Hvide Sande


Simon Brucz

Simon Brucz is in charge of the SUP coach symposium and is coordinating registrations, payments and all the practical stuff surrounding it.

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